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Training Tips

Gainesville Certified Personal Trainer

Regardless of your training goals, my top tip is to eat healthily.  Eating healthily provides your body with a great source of energy.  More…

Personal Training

Gainesville Certified Personal Trainer

I help my clients attain their personal fitness goals.  No matter whether you are starting out in fitness, or are an athlete who wants to reach your peak level of performance. Read more…

Massage Therapy

Gainesville Certified Personal Trainer

I provide multiple modalities of massage to my clients who need relaxation, stress, muscle, and joint pain relief. You can count on the massage I give you to make you feel better. Read more…

Gainesville Certified Personal Trainer

About Jude

Gainesville Certified Personal Trainer


Hi, I am Jude Parfait – personal trainer and strength coach and thank you for visiting my HomeBody Fitness website! I hope you realize that you are well on your way to reaching your goals just by contacting me. There is no doubt in my mind that you are serious about reaching your goals. Whether it is getting in shape, losing weight, burning fat, toning muscles, getting stronger, building muscle, achieving full muscle explosion, running faster, sharpening agility, enduring longer, increasing stamina, etc., you can achieve anything you set your mind and heart to do. You have a strong desire to reach a goal and I want to help you achieve it. Once you begin training you will experience the intense workout that begins the transformation to the new you.

One more thing you should know is that I offer more than just personal training. I offer massage therapy in the home or at Axis Training Studio. The address for Axis is below on this page. Please call ahead for an appointment. Go to the massage therapy services page for more info.

  • ‘He begins training at your level of ability and moves you beyond your expectations before you realize it. He sees potential you never thought you had. He really helped change my life.’


  • ‘As a massage therapist, he is gentle but effective. I once wasted an entire weekend in pain before I called Jude. He worked the kink out of my back and I was like new again.’


  • ‘Outstanding value that will help one to realize their fitness goals quickly & effectively.’


Address to Axis Training Studio:

7220 W. University Ave.,
FL 32607.

Gainesville Certified Personal Trainer

Call Jude at (352) 316-5784.

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