Nutritional Guidance

At HomeBody Fitness, we know how important it is to perform a nutrition assessment and make the appropriate nutritional guidance recommendations to match your needs and goals. In order to be successful in any fitness goal, getting proper nutrition is a must to ensure the best results possible.

We Provide the Following Nutritional Guidance Services

  • Nutritional Assessment and Recommendations
  • A manual dietary analysis
  • Guidance on meal choices
  • Referral to a licensed nutritionist when medical nutrition therapy is called for.

You can also check out these websites that offer Diet Analysis:

What Should I Eat If I am Regularly Exercising?

Through eating a healthy, well-considered meal of greens, starch and protein within 1-2 hours of exercise and another healthy, well-considered meal after 1-2 hours of exercise, most people can fulfill their nutritional workout needs without adding special dietary requirements or plans…

Requirements for a well-considered, nutritional meal includes:

  • Eating more minimally processed meats, make sure you have a good ratio of vegetables, include high-quality carbohydrates and healthy fats;
  • Ensuring that your servings are the right size for you; and
  • Eating slowly until you are full.

Nutrional Guidance

In other words: If you are a healthy person who regularly exercises, you may not need a special nutritional fitness diet.

But, if you have ambitious fitness goals such as being a professional athlete, you will probably need a stricter diet.

If you are learning to compete at a high level and every week you log a lot of miles of high intensity, then carbohydrate and calorie requirements are probably going to be higher for you than the average person.  During your workout, you can add a protein + carbohydrate (P+C) beverage.

If you are doing bodybuilding keep in mind that you are going to gain weight so you will probably have higher protein and calorie requirements. During your training, you can also add a protein + carbohydrate (P+C) drink.

If you are getting prepared for a fitness contest and trying to drop to a one-digit body fat percentage, then the intake of carbs should be lower for you. During your training, you will benefit from the performance-enhancing, muscle-conserving essential amino acids (EAA).

Here is a helpful table detailing our guidelines by goal and type of body (although we would prioritize goal over type of body).


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