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“Jude is a great trainer who personalizes each session with you in mind. He begins training at your level of ability and moves you beyond your expectations before you realize it. He sees potential you never thought you had. He really helped change my life.”

Marilyn Wilson Bennett 2009 -2010


“Jude is a fun trainer. You get a good workout and have some laughs along the way. As a massage therapist, he is gentle but effective. I once wasted an entire weekend in pain before I called Jude. He work the kink out of my back and I was like new again.”

Sandra Werner 2008 – 2010


“Jude Parfait is an excellent trainer and his massage skills are definitely helping me get over an injury. He is knowledgeable and skilled and will absolutely help you reach your fitness and training goals. Give Him a Try!”

Steven Bailey 2005 -2006 and 2010


“Jude seems to be a very caring person and is devoted in helping his clients achieve their goal in a timely manner…your calm not abrasive manner, makes me feel comfortable in having a trainer in my home.”

Lorraine Crandell


“Homebody fitness is an outstanding value that will help one to realize their fitness goals quickly & effectively.”



“Personal attention…I like the variety…makes it personal…thanks”

Keith Perry, Owner – Perry Roofing


“We have both worked with trainers over the years and have noticed that its really, really easy to get bored with the routine. Soon, excuses arise to cancel sessions and before you know it, you’re not going to the gym any more. Jude always keeps changing up the workouts and neither of us have come close to missing, for over a year now, which is quite a compliment to Jude and his methods.

“As for me, I have a history of injuries so it was vital to work with a trainer who understood my fears and kept in mine any limitations I had. I’m very pleased that not only has Jude help me avoid any new injuries, he helped me work through a very bad one from the past.

“Jude also has a good grasp of nutrition, weight loss, and working with the whole person, both inside and out of the gym.

“Jude is the best trainer either of us have ever had.”

Mark & Lynne Perman

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