What is the best workout routine?

The answer is – it depends…

It depends on where you are now in terms of physical fitness, strength and endurance and where you would like to be… What goals do you have? Do you want to lose weight or are you bulking up from continuous weight lifting? Are you training for a 100 yards sprint or for the next marathon? Also, what injuries do you have and where are your weak areas? All of these questions will be taken into consideration by a Certified coach who will then be able to create a customized workout routine for you based on numerous factors.

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The Ultimate Workout Routine Begins Here…

Experts suggest that you start by warming up. This could include: running, jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, or climbing stairs. The warm up is intended to circulate the blood, stretch the muscles, and increase the body temperature to prepare for more strenuous exercise.

When working out – both aerobic and strength training should be included. As stated before, everyone will have a different level of fitness and nutrition and have different preferences. Available facilities and available time often varies from person to person. Several experts suggest that the best plans are spread over the course of a week as a three-day workout.

The entire session, including aerobic practice, should not take more than a thirty-minute period. One cycle could be focused on one group of muscles such as shoulders and a cardiovascular exercise. Another cycle may be arms, legs, and cardiovascular exercise. Back, chest and cardiovascular could be focused on in the third cycle.

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