Cardio Workouts

Cardio Workouts

Why is it important to make sure you incorporate cardio workouts into your fitness routine?  Cardio exercises are important because when done regularly, they help to reduce most heart disease risk factors. Cardiovascular exercises lowers blood pressure, helps with weight loss, and makes the heart stronger and more powerful in order to provide the muscles with more oxygen. Exercise also improves cholesterol levels by increasing levels of HDL (the healthy cholesterol type) and reducing levels of LDL (the unhealthy cholesterol type).

Our Top Ten Easy Cardio Workouts for You


It is an excellent exercise for cardiovascular health. Walking is an excellent calorie burner and hence, it helps on keeping many health conditions at bay. At beginning you should walk at a rate of around 3 miles per hour and then increase it to 4 miles per hour. IT is great to elevate the heart up. You can walk at anytime of the day. You can walk in the garden, road side or anywhere. If you do not feel like going out, you can walk on the treadmill. On a treadmill you can monitor the rate of your speed.

Step Aerobics

Aerobics is considered as one of the best cardiovascular exercises. It burns about 375 calories per hour and if the sessions are intense you can burn up to 600 calories per hour. You need not to go out to the gym for this cardio exercise. There are various step aerobics DVDs available in the market today. You can buy them and easily follow the steps. All you need is a little room and some time.

Elliptical Trainers

For this you need to go to the gym. Elliptical trainers are cardio- fitness machines and are considered as the best for cardio exercises for the beginners. They work both upper as well as lower body and offer a low- impact workout. You can burn about 425 calories per hour when you go a little slow and as much as 600 calories per hour at an intense pace.


Ask anyone their cardio workout schedule and you can easily find running in that. By running you can burn about 600 calories per hour if you run at a pace of 5.2 mph. You can either run outside or on a treadmill. Be sure you wear good running shoes and run on low impact surfaces like track or a treadmill.


Those who feel that cardio workouts are boring at the gym, try cycling. Cycling is a popular cardio exercise. It burns about 500 to 1000 calories per hour. The calorie burn depends up on the speed and the surface incline. It is a great cardio workout.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope can burn 600 calories per hour which is absolutely awesome. It burns a lot of calorie in a short span of time. Just jump rope for 15 minutes and will keep you fit forever. You can place jumping rope in between other exercises. It ups the heart rate is a short span of time.


It is a high intensity interval workout and is gaining momentum with each passing day. It involves high intensity workouts or aerobics for about 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. This has to continue for 4 minutes. For a shorter workout, you can do 1 tabata set or all four workouts for an intense workout of 35- minutes.

Tabata Set 1: Burpees and Mountain Climbers

Tabata Set 2: Long Jumps and Plyo Jacks

Tabata Set 3:  Squat Jumps and Jogging with High Knees

Tabata Set 4: Jump Kicks and Side Jumping Lunge


With each passing day, Zumba is getting favorite with the people who earlier used to hate cardio workouts. It burns calories via high- tempo aerobic activity along with interval training. Zumba helps in burning about 400 to 500 calories each hour.


One of the best and most effective cardio workouts. With swimming you can burn 350 calories in half an hour if done with high intensity. If done at a moderate intensity you can burn 200 to 250 calories in half an hour. If you do it for an hour, you can burn up to 400 calories.

Swimming is great for the people who do not want to follow boring cardio workout sessions. It is quite enjoyable as well as beneficial.


Kickboxing is getting popular with each passing day. It induces great cardiovascular fitness. It works for the muscles all over the body. It is good for upper as well as lower body. It is also great for core muscles. It is fun too.

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