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Muscular endurance is a very important thing. Muscular strength is require in whole lot of aspects of life, especially if you are into some sort of sport or occupation that requite excessive muscle movements for a long duration of time. Due to excessive movements the muscles tend to become weak. Hence, it is quite important to keep up the strength and tone of the muscles. Here is where our endurance workout exercises come to our rescue.

Top 10 Endurance Workout Exercises

endurance workoutThese exercises do wonders to boost the stamina and increase muscle endurance.  Start performing these exercises with lower weight and perform high number of reps.


Dips target triceps. Triceps are much used muscles while doing the daily chores and hence, they ought to be strong. These muscles are found in upper arm at the backside. To perform dips, place the hands about shoulder- width apart, on the edge of a bench. Extend the legs out. Keep the legs straight. Wrap the fingers over the bench. Your heels should be firm on the ground. Now, lower your body by bending the elbows, in a precise and controlled motion. When your arms come parallel to the floor, push the body back up. Repeat this 12- 25 times.

If you want to make it a little easier, keep the knees bent.

Push- ups

As far as upper body is concerned, push- ups are the best endurance exercise. It targets the rams and the chest. Lie down with face facing towards the floor. Keep the hands a little more apart than shoulder- width. Keep the toes hip- width apart. Now, push your body upwards in a controlled motion. Keep the back straight and tighten the core. Lower the body slowly and steadily. Stop until you are only a little away from the floor and then push the body up again. Repeat it about 15- 25 times.

The beginners can start with their knees on the floor.

Tuck jumps

This exercise targets the lower body and the core. Stand straight. Keep the feet shoulder- width apart.  Cross the arms in front of the chest or keep them at the sides. Perform a slight squat, then jump forcefully in the air and then tuck the knees into the chest. When you land on the floor, perform another tuck jump immediately. Perform 15- 25 reps.

Squat Throws

For this you would need a medicine ball. This exercise targets the upper as well as the lower body muscles. Stand straight keeping the feet shoulder- width apart. Hold the ball firmly in front of the chest. Lower down the body slightly to perform squat, then jump explosively in air and throw the ball with all your energy as high as possible. As soon as the ball lands, pick it up and stand back in the starting position. Perform this 15- 20 times.


V- Up targets abdominal muscles. It is an amazing endurance exercise for abdominal muscles. This is done from face- up position. Extend the arms behind the head, straighten the legs. Now, lift the arms and legs simultaneously off the floor. Fold the body into “V” shape. Balance your hips and try touching the hands to the toes. Lower down slowly. Perform 15- 25 reps.


This is the best way to increase the endurance of the back muscles. Lie down with face towards the floor. Extend both the arms in front of the body. Keep the legs straight. Now, simultaneously raise the arms and the legs by contracting the back muscles. Hold this position for a few seconds and get back to normal position. Perform 15- 25 reps.

Now, for the following exercises you need to pick up heavy weights. Perform 10 res of each exercise. Perform all these exercises from one side and then, from the other side. Do 2 to 4 sets of all the exercises and then rest for 60 seconds.

Kettlebell Swing

Hold the kettlebell with a hand. Bring the butt back. Now, extend the butt and the knees fastly and swing the kettleball to the level of eye.

Push Press

Hold the handle. Keep the ball on the shoulder. Bend the butt and the knees and quickly extend the butt and the knees while pressing kettleball overhead.

High Pull

Start the same way as you do in kettleball swing. Extend the butt and the knees simultaneously to swing the kettleball. When you are at the top, retract the shoulder blades and pull the elbows backward.

One Sided Goblet Squat

Keep the kettlebell on the shoulder with the elbows outside. Squat down.

This has to be followed by Russian twist, Lumberjack press, Lean in jump squat, Grappler row and overhead reverse lunge.


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