Upper Body Workout

Strength, muscle, and upper body building exercises will help you move yourself through life whether you are a working mother with 2 part time jobs, a house to clean and mouths to feed; a sedentary businessman who needs to exercise to reduce the risk of back issues from sitting at his desk all day long; grandparents who need the strength to pick up their grandchildren; or a single person who needs to do the chores of two people in his or her house.  These upper body workout exercises will help make you fit for life, increasing the strength of the upper body, enhancing flexibility and reducing risk of injury.

Top Upper Body Workout Exercises

Upper Body WorkoutFeet-Elevated Push- up

Push- up always qualifies in every single man’s workout routine. It is a great exercise, but increasing the intensity a bit can give you a stronger upper body. Feet- elevated push- up, as the name says are the push- up with feet elevated. Place the feet on a bench and perform push- up. Keep the lower back straight. Do it on a higher surface for a greater intensity.

Kettlebell Renegade Row

It is considered as the most amazing and most effective muscle- building cardio exercise. It helps in burning the calories faster than usual. It also strengthens the core. Keep two kettlebells at a distance of shoulder- width. Get into the regular push- up position. Grab the handles of the kettlebells and keep the feet very wide apart. Now, perform push- up. When you reach the top, row one kettlebell and set it down. Then perform the other side. This completes a single rep.

Single Arm Bent Over Row

Gym going men consider this amazing exercise as the best one to strengthen the core. Bend the knees and bend at the hips in order to keep the lower back flat. Your torso should be parallel to the floor. Take a dumbbell in one hand and keep the other free hand behind the back. Now, squeeze the shoulder blades and row.

Barbell Overhead Press

Take a barbell. Keep the barbell on your shoulder and hold it with your palms keeping them a little outside the width of the shoulders and keep the elbows a little in front of the bar. Now, start by pushing the barbell vertically and at the top of the movement, shrug the shoulders. Bring back to the position from where you started. Repeat the exercise.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press

This exercise helps in strengthening both the sides independently. It boosts the core strength of the core. Lie straight on a flat bench. Keep your feet on the ground firmly. Squeeze together the shoulder blades. Hold a dumbbell (or you can also hold a kettlebell) in one hand and press above.


Pullups are a great exercise to get a stronger and a wider back. They also help in building a stronger grip. Hold the pull-up bar and lift the legs in front, such that your body forms an L shape. Hold this position. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and try to pull your body up.

Push- up with One- Arm Reach

This exercise gives a bulkier, broad and strong core. Place a palm on a slide board or a Valslide. Take the push- up position, descend into push- up and simultaneously reach forward with a hand on the sliding surface. When you reach the bottom of the push up, the sliding arm must be locked out.

Half- Kneeling Landmine Press

You will need a barbell for this exercise. Get on a knee. Hold an end of the barbell. You should hold the barbell from the side with the knee down. Now squeeze the trailing glute. Keep the body tight while you push overhead. This exercise will give you a stronger core. It is considered as one of the best exercises for upper body.

Bottoms- Up Kettlebell Press

This kettlebell press is quite different from the regular kettebell press. In this exercise, you hold an inverted kettlebell. This requires a lot of stability and co- ordination. Hold the kettlebell. Keep the weight portion above the hands. Now start the press. Squeeze the handle of the kettlebell hard and squeeze the glutes. Now, lift the weight overhead. Apply pressure to push yourself down, not to push the kettlebell up.

Single- Arm Single- Leg Cable Row

This is great for the core. As you stand on a single leg, the core perform double workout to balance the body and hence, it does great benefit to the core. Set the cable handle to the height of the chest. Now, hold the handle and lift the same leg up. Squeeze the shoulder blades and start rowing. Do not twist or bend forward.


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